Leading in Luxury

Mosaic is the first to provide a bulk, refillable amenity dispensing solution that delivers authentic sustainability with style and economy. The Mosaic Dispensing solution can eliminate more than 99% of waste from single-use amenity bottles.

A typical 100-bed hotel can exceed 50,000 small amenity bottles and 10,000 soaps per year. Mosaic could save this hotel up to 33,000 ounces of unused product (based on 1/3 usage).

Mosaic is the first
to deliver superior
sustainable performance
with style and economy.

1 Mosaic Dispenser in 10,000 boutique hotel rooms =

1.2 million small bottles OUT of a landfill each year

Reduce both
direct & indirect
costs while gaining
multiple, measureable
economic benefits.

Mosaic’s refillable bulk system reduces both direct and indirect costs in delivering multiple, measureable economic benefits:

  • Yields savings of up to 50% over individually packaged amenities
  • Reduces labor costs by decreasing housekeeping time. Dispensers are easily cleaned and typically refilled only once or twice a month
  • Dispenser design system allows for the use of extra vessels for pre-filling, quick replacement or exchange and improved inventory management
  • Eliminates partially used bottle and packaging material recycling.
  • Improves logistics by reducing shipping and storage of individual amenity bottles
  • Frees up storage space for more productive use
  • Reduces product loss due to theft.